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bullet Welcome

This is the AgentService official site, here you can find the technology to build up your own multiagent system. You can get information about AgentService framework and the l.i.d.o. research group. The official site allows you to download the latest version of the framework and all its released plug-in.

AgentService.net offers many services to end users: this site hosts a forum where users and developers can share their thoughts about the framework and find a way to solve common problems coming out programming multi-agent systems.

Latest news from the AgentService research group can be found in the main page or in the news section, while interesting links are continuosly updated in the links section.

bullet AgentService Framework

9/18/2009 5:02:43 PM - Federation Management Suite

The Federation Management Suite for administering AgentService platform federations is now online in beta.

bullet AgentService and APX


AgentService is an agent oriented programming framework based on the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and the C# language. AgentService offers a complete support to the development of multi-agent systems. The key features of AgentService are the new agent model that exploits the innovative scheduling features of the CLI and the software platform providing the agents with advanced run-time services. Moreover the seamless integration with CLI gives acccess to all the features that offer this executing environment.

More information about the AgentService framework can be found at the corresponding project page.


APX is an acronym that stands for Agent Programming eXtensions. APX is a set of extensions the C# language that simplifies the development of agent oriented applications that target the AgentService framework.

APX consists of a set syntactical elements that represent within the C# grammar the concepts of agent, knowledge, and behaviour defined in the agent model introduced with AgentService. APX also provides a tailored compiler that translates the APX source code into managed dll by performing all the checks required either by the C# specification either by the AgentService framework.

More information about APX framework can be found at the corresponding project page.